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Our Free Piano Resource Library includes beginning piano lead sheets and chord charts, piano teacher organization tools, and more!
Our piano resource library is updated monthly with resources that correlate with our Chord Chart Song series. When you sign up for access, you will receive an email each month with your updated library products. All you have to do to utilize them is sign in to your library, download, and print! Enjoy! 

Our piano resource library is a collection of these libraries:

Lead Sheet & Chord Chart Library

These songs correspond to our monthly  Chord Chart Song Series. For access to all levels of chord charts and  worksheets, visit our Song page.

Write-Your-Own Library

This library also contains lead sheets and chord charts - with one caveat: the chord symbols are missing! Try giving your students a blank chord chart, and see what they come up with!

Teaching Tools Library

Created with our multifaceted teaching style, these tools will help you experience less frustration and find more joy in teaching!

Editable Docs Library

Similar to our Teaching Tool Library, but editable! The provided links prompt you to make a copy to your Google Drive so you can save and edit as you please.

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Lead Sheet Library
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
13.9 KB
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
13.9 KB
Skip to My Lou
13.3 KB
Happy Birthday
13 KB
Level 1 Chord Chart Library
Row Your Boat - L1 Chord Chart
100 KB
Twinkle Little Star - L1 Chord Chart
102 KB
Skip to my Lou - L1 Chord Chart
99.6 KB
Happy Birthday - Chord Chart
74.7 KB
Teaching Tool Library
Piano Assignment Sheet - Block Style
42.9 KB
Ear Tunes List
326 KB
Piano Lesson Schedule Template
36.4 KB
Chord Chart Skills: Part 1
170 KB
Chord Chart Skills: Part 2
215 KB
Editable Google Docs Library
Piano Assignment Sheet - Block Style - Editable
93.9 KB
Piano Lesson Schedule Template - Editable
85.4 KB
Write-Your-Own Lead Sheet Library
Twinkle Little Star - WYO Lead Sheet
13.1 KB
Row Your Boat - WYO Lead Sheet
13.4 KB
Skip to my Lou - WYO Lead Sheet
12.9 KB
Happy Birthday - WYO Lead Sheet
12.3 KB
Write-Your-Own Chord Chart Library
Twinkle Little Star - WYO Chord Chart
102 KB
Row Your Boat - WYO Chord Chart
100 KB
Skip to my Lou - WYO Chord Chart
98.9 KB
Happy Birthday - WYO Chord Chart
24.8 KB

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